Copper Rain Gutters

Copper rain gutters are one of those things that are constantly getting more recognition in the building world. As homeowners and contractors are learning about their value, they are buying them and recommending them to others. This isn’t surprising when you think about all they offer a home and its owner.

Copper is a very resilient material, and it looks fantastic as well. When it is first installed it has that metallic luster that makes it so pretty. After a few years of being outside, it gets a patina on it and turns green. Most of us have seen pennies after they go through this process. But unlike many pennies, when copper gutters or roofs turn green, it is very attractive. It is a classic look that can compliment many home styles.

One item in particular that is getting a lot of attention is seamless copper gutters. This is because they look so much better than the traditional copper rain gutters. For a long time copper gutters came in pre-fabricated lengths, and each piece had to be soldered together, leaving seams. If the soldering wasn’t done properly, this could actually lead to very large seams that were extremely unattractive.

But now you can cut down on the number of seams that are visible on your gutters, or you can eliminate them entirely depending on what style you choose. Seamless copper gutters are often round because they are rolled to the proper length at the job-site. Then they are hung with any visible seams facing the house so nobody has to look at them. You can even get “invisible” hangers so you don’t have to look at those either!

If you don’t necessarily want seamless gutters, you can still buy copper gutters that have less seams than they would have in the past. This is because you can order different lengths thanks to the delivery methods that are now available.

On top of these great changes to copper gutters, there are also plenty of other things that make them worth having. The number of styles you can choose from is always growing, as is the list of accessories that you can add to make them even easier to maintain. Also, you can really personalize your seamless copper gutters with all the different options on the market now.

Copper rain gutters cost more than generic vinyl or other gutter systems, but they are well worth what you pay for them. They are cost effective because they require less maintenance than other materials, and are less likely to need replacing. You can enjoy these gutters for decades and never have to worry about anything other than a little regular maintenance.

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